Different Phases of HCG Diet Plan and Its Importance to Weight Loss

HCG diet plan is the integral part of HCG weight loss program. This is scientifically designed program that should be carried out strictly according to the expert recommendations. Here we have mentioned all the phases of this popular diet plan along with key recommendations and duration to get you the best results.

Phases of HCG Diet PlanPhase 1

  • Duration – Two days – Day 1 and 2
  • HCG Drops – Take the drops as directed on the bottle and make sure that you don’t consume anything for next 15 minutes.
  • Food – This is the loading phase and there is no restriction on calorie intake. Eat whatever you like and have lot of food to increase your calorie intake as this is the stage when you will store more fat to trigger the fat burning mechanism of HCG. Though there is no restriction on food intake, it is important that you load yourself with maximum fat to make the entire diet plan work.
  • Water – Water is the medium to flush out fat, so take at least half to one gallon of water per day during this phase.

Phase 2

Duration – 21 to 42 days depending on the weigh-loss targeted.

HCG Drops – Continue the drops as directed on the bottle and then discontinue it for the last two days.

Food – Food restriction is there during this phase. The calorie intake should be restricted to 500 calories as this is the burning phase. The source of these 500 calories is also well-defined and one may stick to these sources in order to meet their daily calorie requirement. You may go through the elaborate HCG diet plan that consists of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. There are certain specific food groups allowed for each meal and no deviation is allowed.

Water – Half to one gallon of water each day.

HCG Diet Plan

 Points to consider – Apart from food restrictions, there are many other points to consider in this phase.

  • Keep daily record of your weight after bathing.
  • Don’t use any over the counter medicines and avoid all sorts of food supplements.
  • Avoid applying any moisturizer or oil based make-up or creams during this phase. Lipstick, facial powders, and eye-brow pencils are fine.
  • Don’t eat or drink anything that is not on your list. Similarly, don’t skip any meal that is on the list.
  • No rigorous exercise recommended but go for 30 minutes brisk walk to get accelerated results.
  • In case of frequent hunger pangs observed at some specific time of the day, try having some fruit (allowed in your diet plan) at that time to avoid any sort of deviation from the diet plan.

Phase 3

This is the last phase and is maintenance phase. HCG drops are not part of this phase. This phase is all about adding one food group at a time to your diet for three weeks to let your body get settled to the normal diet.
These are the three phases of HCG diet plan that should be followed dedicatedly for satisfactory results. If you are aiming more weight loss then take a 6 days break and then repeat the whole process again to achieve your new weight loss goal.

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