Complete Guide to HCG and Its Health Benefits

Your health has always been your prime concern and that is the reason why new products, both chemical and natural are being introduced to give a healthy boost to your overall health while addressing the several health issues. HCG is similar breakthrough innovation made by medical science to keep a check on your weight while keeping your energy levels up. The term HCG is not new to the mankind as such but its use for weight loss is an innovation for sure!

What does term HCG stand for?

The term HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a naturally found hormone in pregnant women. The HCG levels go up as the fetus develops. It raises the metabolism and also provides energy to the expecting mother. This is the natural use of HCG but later this hormone found place in a completely different segment and that is weight loss!

What made this hormone enter the weight loss segment?

In 1930s, it was observed by some physician that all those people consuming HCG were showing consistent weight loss without losing on their stamina. Later, it was concluded that as this hormone enhanced the metabolism of person consuming it, the weight loss was bound to occur even without reducing the diet or increasing the physical activity. The main advantage of this hormone was that it was found in pregnant women and hence had the capacity of improving the energy levels. Knowing these facts about HCG and after carrying out substantial research, Dr. Simeons introduced the new HCG diet for those aiming the weight loss.

HCG can be taken in two forms –

1. HCG injections

2. HCG Drops

HCG drops are very easy to include in routine and that is the reason why most people opt for HCG drops and not HCG injections.

Working of HCG
Whatever form of HCG you take, it works in following ways to reduce the fat in your body;

  1. HCG in pregnant women mobilizes the fat stored in the body to use it for the growth of fetus. When the HCG drops are taken by any person, it naturally mobilizes the stored fat to provide energy for various body functions.
  2. The fat mobilized by HCG intake is the stubborn fat or subcutaneous fat. This fat provides long term energy to your body and is stored all around your body. When HCG drops are combined with specially planned HCG diet plan, the stubborn fat is mobilized to suffice for your body’s energy needs.

HCG Diet Plan for Effective Weight Loss

HCG drops are good for weight loss but when you are looking forward to have faster and effective results, it is important to combine it with properly planned HCG diet plan. This diet plan is scientifically planned low calorie diet that quickly utilizes your stored fat to meet with the calorie deficit.

This Diet plan is not just low calorie diet but it is scientifically planned diet divided into four phases. It is quite different from regular diet plan as the first phase in this diet is not about low calorie diet but it is about loading your body with calories.

The phase 1 lasts for 2 days and these are the initial 2 days of your diet plan. You may also start with HCG drops in this phase. During this phase, you can eat whatever you want and load as much calories as you want. This is the way to trigger the mobilization of fat in your body by giving the signal to your metabolism that there is enough fat stored to provide energy.HCG and Its Health Benefits

The phase 2, which lasts for 21 to 38 days is the actual low calorie diet phase. You are allowed to consume only 500 calories in this phase. This LCD phase needs to be followed strictly and there should be no deviation from the diet plan. You can stick to some specific food choices and weigh each meal to keep its calorie content limited to 500 calories. HCG drops are taken as per regular dosage during this phase.

The phase 3 is 3 day long phase when low calorie diet is continued while HCG drops intake is stopped. Your body now gets back to its normal metabolism slowly with the diet being same but the level of HCG reducing.
The phase 4 is the maintenance phase for 3 weeks.

Side-effects of Weight Loss with HCG

HCG is naturally found hormone and has no side effects on your body if it is supported with proper diet plan. This diet is not recommended for pregnant ladies, nursing mothers and children. Those suffering from any serious ailment may also consult his/her medical practitioner before opting for HCG.

If you choose right brand like Nutra Pure HCG, You can get instant results that last long and have no side-effects. HCG has proven effect on weight loss and the key benefit of using this weight loss technique is that it is permanent.