10 Common Mistakes That May Fail Your HCG Weight Loss Program

HCG weight loss plan is finding success all over the world due to its consistent weight loss results and long term maintenance. Despite of having proven results and thorough research backing this diet, there are instances where this weight loss program would fail. The 10 common mistakes that usually fail this proven weight loss program are;Weight Loss Program

  1. Exercising hard!
    Exercising hard would burn more calories but not when it is clubbed with HCG drops. The HCG diet plan may be clubbed with regular exercising but that should be mild to moderate and not heavy or rigorous. Very hard workout would affect your muscle tissues badly and in some cases damage it too. The stored fat is burnt automatically because of elevated HCG levels, hence there is no need to overexert yourself while you are on HCG diet else it will affect your muscle mass too.
  2. No need to watch the water intake
    When it comes to weight loss, people start watching their diet but miss out on watching the water intake. Though water is not having fat and calories, it plays a major role when you are on HCG diet. Here you have to take minimum 64oz of water per day to flush out the fat by dissolving it. Thus, watching the diet is important to meet the minimum water requirement without any deviation.
  3.  Not allotting time for meal planning
    You may have the HCG diet plan ready and may be you have made enough provisions for regular workout, but what about preparing those meals? Have you made enough provision for meal planning? If not, then there are chances that you would easily deviate from your meal plan. Prepare all meals in advance or get your whole day’s meals ready in the morning itself to conveniently stick to your diet plan.
  4.  Make frequent amendments to diet plan
    HCG diet plan looks simple but it is scientifically planned. Amendments made to this plan without any expert advice would fail your entire diet plan. Check the protocol of approved foods properly and try to follow it strictly as this is the only way to achieve your weight loss goal.
  5. Making the meals monotonous
    There are different foods suggested for the whole day and all are low calorie options, but you need to have all those foods in rotation to get the maximum benefit. Don’t keep on having the same food whole day through just to save time. Keep rotating foods and spices to get the new taste every time that will keep your spirits on!
  6. Sleep deprivation
    Sleep will not reduce fat or induce weight loss but proper sleep may keep you away from the possible side-effects of HCG diet. Sleep deprivation will come in the way of your HCG diet by giving way to various side-effects like nausea, headache, and fatigue. Take at least 8 hours of sleep per day while on HCG diet or drops.
  7. Alcohol consumption
    Alcohol is not the part of your HCG diet plan and you may ensure that you avoid including alcohol in your HCG diet as it will go against your HCG goal.
  8. Stick the fixed time frame mentioned for each phase
    HCG diet plan is divided into different phases and each phase has its own significance. Some phases have HCG drops recommended along with specific diet while in some phases, you need to stop taking HCG drops. The time duration for each phase is pre-defined and it is highly recommended that you stick to this time frame to get the intended benefit out of this program.
  9. Weighing the fats and proteins in prepared meals
    The recommended fat and protein are for uncooked food. Don’t weigh it after being cooked as it will give misleading results. Try to remove maximum visible fat before cooking as it will give you lean proteins good for your weight loss.
  10. Taking any artificial sweetener
    Sugar is strictly not recommended in HCG diet but you can always use artificial low calorie sweeteners. Some of these sweeteners may give you hunger pangs and affect your diet plan negatively. Use stevia or similar other proven sweetener for reliable results.

If you avoid the above mentioned 10 mistakes while on HCG diet then it would be easy to get the desired results in given time.