Different Phases of HCG Diet Plan and Its Importance to Weight Loss

HCG diet plan is the integral part of HCG weight loss program. This is scientifically designed program that should be carried out strictly according to the expert recommendations. Here we have mentioned all the phases of this popular diet plan along with key recommendations and duration to get you the best results.

Phases of HCG Diet PlanPhase 1

  • Duration – Two days – Day 1 and 2
  • HCG Drops – Take the drops as directed on the bottle and make sure that you don’t consume anything for next 15 minutes.
  • Food – This is the loading phase and there is no restriction on calorie intake. Eat whatever you like and have lot of food to increase your calorie intake as this is the stage when you will store more fat to trigger the fat burning mechanism of HCG. Though there is no restriction on food intake, it is important that you load yourself with maximum fat to make the entire diet plan work.
  • Water – Water is the medium to flush out fat, so take at least half to one gallon of water per day during this phase.

Phase 2

Duration – 21 to 42 days depending on the weigh-loss targeted.

HCG Drops – Continue the drops as directed on the bottle and then discontinue it for the last two days.

Food – Food restriction is there during this phase. The calorie intake should be restricted to 500 calories as this is the burning phase. The source of these 500 calories is also well-defined and one may stick to these sources in order to meet their daily calorie requirement. You may go through the elaborate HCG diet plan that consists of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. There are certain specific food groups allowed for each meal and no deviation is allowed.

Water – Half to one gallon of water each day.

HCG Diet Plan

 Points to consider – Apart from food restrictions, there are many other points to consider in this phase.

  • Keep daily record of your weight after bathing.
  • Don’t use any over the counter medicines and avoid all sorts of food supplements.
  • Avoid applying any moisturizer or oil based make-up or creams during this phase. Lipstick, facial powders, and eye-brow pencils are fine.
  • Don’t eat or drink anything that is not on your list. Similarly, don’t skip any meal that is on the list.
  • No rigorous exercise recommended but go for 30 minutes brisk walk to get accelerated results.
  • In case of frequent hunger pangs observed at some specific time of the day, try having some fruit (allowed in your diet plan) at that time to avoid any sort of deviation from the diet plan.

Phase 3

This is the last phase and is maintenance phase. HCG drops are not part of this phase. This phase is all about adding one food group at a time to your diet for three weeks to let your body get settled to the normal diet.
These are the three phases of HCG diet plan that should be followed dedicatedly for satisfactory results. If you are aiming more weight loss then take a 6 days break and then repeat the whole process again to achieve your new weight loss goal.

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10 Common Mistakes That May Fail Your HCG Weight Loss Program

HCG weight loss plan is finding success all over the world due to its consistent weight loss results and long term maintenance. Despite of having proven results and thorough research backing this diet, there are instances where this weight loss program would fail. The 10 common mistakes that usually fail this proven weight loss program are;Weight Loss Program

  1. Exercising hard!
    Exercising hard would burn more calories but not when it is clubbed with HCG drops. The HCG diet plan may be clubbed with regular exercising but that should be mild to moderate and not heavy or rigorous. Very hard workout would affect your muscle tissues badly and in some cases damage it too. The stored fat is burnt automatically because of elevated HCG levels, hence there is no need to overexert yourself while you are on HCG diet else it will affect your muscle mass too.
  2. No need to watch the water intake
    When it comes to weight loss, people start watching their diet but miss out on watching the water intake. Though water is not having fat and calories, it plays a major role when you are on HCG diet. Here you have to take minimum 64oz of water per day to flush out the fat by dissolving it. Thus, watching the diet is important to meet the minimum water requirement without any deviation.
  3.  Not allotting time for meal planning
    You may have the HCG diet plan ready and may be you have made enough provisions for regular workout, but what about preparing those meals? Have you made enough provision for meal planning? If not, then there are chances that you would easily deviate from your meal plan. Prepare all meals in advance or get your whole day’s meals ready in the morning itself to conveniently stick to your diet plan.
  4.  Make frequent amendments to diet plan
    HCG diet plan looks simple but it is scientifically planned. Amendments made to this plan without any expert advice would fail your entire diet plan. Check the protocol of approved foods properly and try to follow it strictly as this is the only way to achieve your weight loss goal.
  5. Making the meals monotonous
    There are different foods suggested for the whole day and all are low calorie options, but you need to have all those foods in rotation to get the maximum benefit. Don’t keep on having the same food whole day through just to save time. Keep rotating foods and spices to get the new taste every time that will keep your spirits on!
  6. Sleep deprivation
    Sleep will not reduce fat or induce weight loss but proper sleep may keep you away from the possible side-effects of HCG diet. Sleep deprivation will come in the way of your HCG diet by giving way to various side-effects like nausea, headache, and fatigue. Take at least 8 hours of sleep per day while on HCG diet or drops.
  7. Alcohol consumption
    Alcohol is not the part of your HCG diet plan and you may ensure that you avoid including alcohol in your HCG diet as it will go against your HCG goal.
  8. Stick the fixed time frame mentioned for each phase
    HCG diet plan is divided into different phases and each phase has its own significance. Some phases have HCG drops recommended along with specific diet while in some phases, you need to stop taking HCG drops. The time duration for each phase is pre-defined and it is highly recommended that you stick to this time frame to get the intended benefit out of this program.
  9. Weighing the fats and proteins in prepared meals
    The recommended fat and protein are for uncooked food. Don’t weigh it after being cooked as it will give misleading results. Try to remove maximum visible fat before cooking as it will give you lean proteins good for your weight loss.
  10. Taking any artificial sweetener
    Sugar is strictly not recommended in HCG diet but you can always use artificial low calorie sweeteners. Some of these sweeteners may give you hunger pangs and affect your diet plan negatively. Use stevia or similar other proven sweetener for reliable results.

If you avoid the above mentioned 10 mistakes while on HCG diet then it would be easy to get the desired results in given time.

5 Things That Make HCG Drops The Best Choice for Weight Loss

Weight loss goals can be achieved through various means but experts recommend to go for the weight loss method that offers both weight loss and its maintenance. There are different weight loss programs being introduced from time to time and most of them are the combination of exercise and diet. HCG drops that are used for weight loss also have many benefits over the conventional weight loss programs and that is the reason why most of the new age weight watchers are adopting this method to achieve their goals.
What makes HCG drops better choice for weight loss?

  1. Phases of HCG Diet PlanNo extra time required for workout
    HCG diet does not require any rigorous workout and the results are not dependent on your exercise pattern. The regular brisk walk for 30 minutes is recommended for quicker and consistent results but again that is not the one thing that will trigger weight loss. If you are finding yourself short of time then you can adopt this super 500 calorie diet to attain weight loss goal without spending hours in gym. This hormone will start burning your stored fat naturally by enhancing the metabolism and there would be no major need left for the workout to get results.
  2. Quicker weight loss
    Weight loss in just one to one and half month may seem a dream but with HCG drops, it has turned to be reality. The HCG diet plan that is usually clubbed with HCG drops is divided into two phases. Both these phases together get completed in almost 45 days and the results are amazing. Some weight loss aspirants carry out this diet plan from 15 to 90 days and lose up to 15lbs to 90lbs. No other weight loss program would give such a quick weight loss and even if it is offered then it would be difficult to maintain it.
  3. Best Choice for Weight LossSeveral food options
    This diet plan comes with several food options for each meal. There is a list of approved foods that can be taken for each meal and this makes it easy for you to follow this 500 calorie diet. You have options like vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. All you need to avoid are sugar and starch. You can keep on adding a new food group to your diet on completion of this diet program and easily maintain your weight. By the end of this program, you would be educated enough to make the right addition to your diet.
  4. Scientifically planned diet
    The diet is scientifically planned and would give you enough nutrition to keep you healthy through all the phases. You have to follow this diet plan and stick to the approved foods in order to get the maximum benefit out of this weight loss program.
  5. Keeps you energetic  
    HCG provides you energy to survive this quick weight loss. This is the hormone found in pregnant women and is known for nurturing life. When this hormone is used for weight loss, it will provide both energy and weight loss at the same time. Thus, your activity levels would not be affected in the process.

There are many other benefits of losing weight the HCG way and all you need to do is adopt this proven weight loss plan to get the desired results.

Complete Guide to HCG and Its Health Benefits

Your health has always been your prime concern and that is the reason why new products, both chemical and natural are being introduced to give a healthy boost to your overall health while addressing the several health issues. HCG is similar breakthrough innovation made by medical science to keep a check on your weight while keeping your energy levels up. The term HCG is not new to the mankind as such but its use for weight loss is an innovation for sure!

What does term HCG stand for?

The term HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a naturally found hormone in pregnant women. The HCG levels go up as the fetus develops. It raises the metabolism and also provides energy to the expecting mother. This is the natural use of HCG but later this hormone found place in a completely different segment and that is weight loss!

What made this hormone enter the weight loss segment?

In 1930s, it was observed by some physician that all those people consuming HCG were showing consistent weight loss without losing on their stamina. Later, it was concluded that as this hormone enhanced the metabolism of person consuming it, the weight loss was bound to occur even without reducing the diet or increasing the physical activity. The main advantage of this hormone was that it was found in pregnant women and hence had the capacity of improving the energy levels. Knowing these facts about HCG and after carrying out substantial research, Dr. Simeons introduced the new HCG diet for those aiming the weight loss.

HCG can be taken in two forms –

1. HCG injections

2. HCG Drops

HCG drops are very easy to include in routine and that is the reason why most people opt for HCG drops and not HCG injections.

Working of HCG
Whatever form of HCG you take, it works in following ways to reduce the fat in your body;

  1. HCG in pregnant women mobilizes the fat stored in the body to use it for the growth of fetus. When the HCG drops are taken by any person, it naturally mobilizes the stored fat to provide energy for various body functions.
  2. The fat mobilized by HCG intake is the stubborn fat or subcutaneous fat. This fat provides long term energy to your body and is stored all around your body. When HCG drops are combined with specially planned HCG diet plan, the stubborn fat is mobilized to suffice for your body’s energy needs.

HCG Diet Plan for Effective Weight Loss

HCG drops are good for weight loss but when you are looking forward to have faster and effective results, it is important to combine it with properly planned HCG diet plan. This diet plan is scientifically planned low calorie diet that quickly utilizes your stored fat to meet with the calorie deficit.

This Diet plan is not just low calorie diet but it is scientifically planned diet divided into four phases. It is quite different from regular diet plan as the first phase in this diet is not about low calorie diet but it is about loading your body with calories.

The phase 1 lasts for 2 days and these are the initial 2 days of your diet plan. You may also start with HCG drops in this phase. During this phase, you can eat whatever you want and load as much calories as you want. This is the way to trigger the mobilization of fat in your body by giving the signal to your metabolism that there is enough fat stored to provide energy.HCG and Its Health Benefits

The phase 2, which lasts for 21 to 38 days is the actual low calorie diet phase. You are allowed to consume only 500 calories in this phase. This LCD phase needs to be followed strictly and there should be no deviation from the diet plan. You can stick to some specific food choices and weigh each meal to keep its calorie content limited to 500 calories. HCG drops are taken as per regular dosage during this phase.

The phase 3 is 3 day long phase when low calorie diet is continued while HCG drops intake is stopped. Your body now gets back to its normal metabolism slowly with the diet being same but the level of HCG reducing.
The phase 4 is the maintenance phase for 3 weeks.

Side-effects of Weight Loss with HCG

HCG is naturally found hormone and has no side effects on your body if it is supported with proper diet plan. This diet is not recommended for pregnant ladies, nursing mothers and children. Those suffering from any serious ailment may also consult his/her medical practitioner before opting for HCG.

If you choose right brand like Nutra Pure HCG, You can get instant results that last long and have no side-effects. HCG has proven effect on weight loss and the key benefit of using this weight loss technique is that it is permanent.

About HCG Diet

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is a natural secretion of the endocrine system. Although this is a very strict diet and requires a lot of willpower, it is one that will help you to lose weight quickly. HCG diet is purchased online.HCG-Diet

The following are the benefits of HCG diet

  • Strengthen Your immune System – Because all of the foods on the HCG diet are extremely healthy, it only stands to reason that they are going to make you much healthier, and improve your immune system.
  • Eating Habits improve – If you have the willpower to stick with this type of strict diet, you will end up learning many new eating habits.
  • Have a More Sculpted Body – Not only is the HCG diet designed to burn fat, it also knows exactly where the fat needs to be burned from. For instance, if you have more fat around your hips, this is where the diet is really going to help, and it will burn the fat deposits from the hips so your body is in better proportion.

The HCG diet espouses a very low daily calorie intake of between 500 and 800 calories. A diet this restricted will cause weight loss, but could also result in weakness, muscle loss, kidney stone formation, gallstones and mood swings.

What is Hcg Diet

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a protein that must be given by injection to be effective, because it breaks down in the stomach if ingested.

The HCG diet is a weight loss protocol that has helped thousands of overweight people to lose 1 to 3 lbs per day. A 500 calorie a day diet also known as the VLCD (very low calorie diet), is combined with a minimal intake of HCG.